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Upcoming Events

We keep updating this list with information on upcoming on-campus events and university society events. You can also follow us on Instagram or sign up to Dentons.Next Talent. 

Upcoming Dentons.Next Talent Events

7th March – Get to know the world’s largest global law firm
Join this Dentons.Next Talent webinar and find out more about Dentons, its people, the work we do as the world’s largest global law firm, and our Early Careers opportunities.

28th March – Commercial awareness: What it is and why it matters
If you are interested in commercial law or thinking about applying to a law firm, commercial awareness is key. But what is it, why does it matter, and where do you start building it up? Join this Dentons.Next Talent webinar and discover what you need to know.

30th April – Interviews: What to expect and how to succeed
Feeling prepared and confident for interviews helps you to perform better. Join this Dentons.Next Talent webinar and discover what types of questions are asked at interviews, what goes into crafting a good interview answer, and the steps you can take to best prepare for an interview.

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Skills Sessions

You can view recordings of our past skills sessions below.

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