Application Process

Applying is a process. But, we make it fair. Show us who you are and unleash your challenger personality. If you could be a successful Dentons lawyer, we want to know all about it.

Your Application

Whilst we generally seek strong A-Level (or equivalent) performance, we evaluate every application in its unique context and holistically. If you believe you can present a compelling application, we wholeheartedly encourage you to apply.

We also invite you to share any mitigating circumstances that may be relevant to your application. Your individual story matters to us.

In our commitment to comprehensively evaluate every candidate, we’ve implemented the Rare Recruitment Contextual Recruitment System. Rare provides us with additional context to understand each candidate’s application thoroughly.

Applications are open to everyone. If you have any questions or need us to make adjustments, please get in touch with our team:

Application Tips

A typical trainee at Dentons doesn’t exist. We don’t want it to. Our application process allows you to show us who you really are, beyond grades, qualifications, and experience. We’ll be looking for global outlook, commercial awareness, enthusiasm, collaboration, drive, innovation, and problem solving throughout the process.

The application process is the same for both Training Contracts and Vacation Schemes:

Application Form > Online Assessment > Video Interview > Assessment Centre

  • 1. Application Form addremove

    When you begin your path to Dentons, it all starts with an online form. But this is more than just a form – it’s your chance to share your education, work history, and the activities that define you.

    Here’s why it’s important.

    We’re not just looking for the basics; we’re excited to learn about what makes you unique. Your experiences and your journey are what set you apart.

    Alongside the standard questions, we’ll ask some open-ended ones. We want to understand what drives you and the qualities that make you stand out. Your story is important to us.

    We appreciate technology’s role in today’s world, but we also value your authenticity. While we embrace technology and AI at Dentons, we encourage you to be yourself. These tools are here to help, not replace who you are.

    Every applicant is unique, and that’s something we truly value. Let your true self shine in your application. That’s what makes you stand out in our eyes.

    At Dentons, we respect technology, but we respect you even more. Your application isn’t just a form; it’s a reflection of your individuality. Take this opportunity to show us who you are, and together, we’ll begin an exciting journey into the future. Your story matters to us.

  • 2. Legal High Potential Test addremove

    If you meet our initial criteria in the application form, your next step is the Legal High Potential Assessment.

    To ensure we gain a comprehensive view of all our applicants, our Legal High Potential Assessment incorporates scenario-based, numerical, and verbal questions.

    To take us from largest to leading, we’re seeking trainees who can think big and reimagine the future of law. Our assessment is designed to identify individuals who are eager to embrace the evolving legal landscape, applying their intelligence and creativity to various work-related scenarios. No prior knowledge or experience is required to tackle these questions.

    Although the assessment is untimed, candidates typically spend around 45 minutes completing it.


    • Practice! We provide a practice test, which is a condensed version of the main assessment. It allows you to become familiar with the format and provides an opportunity to request any necessary adjustments
    • Keep an eye on the deadline. Normally, you’ll have a few days to complete the test. Make a note in your diary and allocate this time accordingly
    • Find a quiet space with a stable internet connection where you won’t be disturbed during the assessment
    • Have a calculator, pen, and paper at the ready before you begin

    Aim to complete the assessment in one sitting to maintain concentration and flow.

  • 3. Video Interview addremove

    This is your chance to let your personality and experiences shine through. Here are some tips to help you

    • Use the preparation time wisely. Think about the best examples that showcase your skills and experiences, rather than rushing in with the first thing that comes to mind
    • Be specific about your answers. Instead of using “we,” use “I” to emphasise your personal contributions and actions
    • Impress us with a variety of examples. Successful candidates draw from a range of experiences, showcasing their ability to handle complexity
    • Research Dentons and our opportunities before the interview. If you’ve attended our open days or interacted with us in any way, mention it! We love to see your enthusiasm

    We’re here to support your success. Check out our video interview resources for further guidance and preparation:

    Interview Preparation and Advice

    Interview Practice Questions


  • 4. Assessment Centre addremove

    This is the final stage of the Training Contract application process! Our assessment centres consist of two key exercises: the Written Exercise & Role Play, and the Case Study & Final Interview.


    • Take your time to read all instructions thoroughly. Don’t rush into tasks without a clear understanding. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to ask for clarification
    • Plan how you’ll use your time wisely. If you have an hour for a task, allocate time for different parts, including proofreading at the end
    • If you encounter a challenging question or situation, don’t panic. It’s okay to ask for clarification or take a moment to gather your thoughts
    • Consider who you’re addressing in your responses. Tailor your answers to showcase your skills and suitability for Dentons