Trainee to Associate

We don’t just see you as a trainee; we envision your future as a thriving associate. Our structured career framework is designed to provide unwavering support as you build your career, allowing you to progress at your own pace in alignment with your ambition. Rest assured, this framework continues to evolve even after you qualify, ensuring your career path aligns with your aspirations.


You will have access to training that will continue to help you grow your skills and progress your career.

It starts with the Newly Qualified Lawyer Induction, where you will be given the tools to support you in your new role. Not only will we equip you with the right personal and technical skills, but you’ll also get to network and listen to advice from others who have been in your shoes .

After you qualify, you have the option to join the Junior Lawyer Development Programme (JDP): a programme that provides a platform for networking and development, designed to focus on key competencies and skills that will help you succeed as an Associate.

It also incorporates the O-Shaped Lawyer principles, which aim to make the legal profession better for everyone involved. By putting a greater emphasis on a more rounded approach to the formation of lawyers, the legal profession will provide its customers with a better service in a more diverse, inclusive and healthier environment.

The JDP links O-Shape Lawyer attributes with the Dentons developmental approach and values to help junior lawyers prepare for future success.

The programme develops life-long skills essential for career progression, with a strong focus on networking, business development and negotiation skills.

Unlocking Opportunities

Becoming an Associate at Dentons is a gateway to a world of possibilities. Through our tailored skill training and career development programme, Associates can confidently prepare for their next important career step. We understand that this transition doesn’t have to be overwhelming; we’re here to make it accessible and provide the support you need.

Associate Development Programme

Our Associate Development Programme is designed to elevate the performance of our Associates. It aligns seamlessly with the Dentons competency framework and values while offering a platform to cultivate the skills demanded of lawyers in the future.

This program equips Associates for their journey toward becoming Senior Associates. Collaboration is at its core, fostering networking opportunities across our UKIME region. We emphasise the development of core skills for coaching and mentoring junior colleagues.

Key Focus Areas:

  • Associates are encouraged to actively engage in business development activities, enhancing their skills in this critical aspect
  • We provide insights and knowledge to sharpen financial acumen and commercial insight
  • The program places importance on personal competencies and soft skills, recognising their significance in a well-rounded legal professional
  • We actively encourage engagement with our I&D and CSR initiatives, fostering inclusive leadership skills and participation in sponsorship, coaching, and mentoring

We are dedicated to not only shaping legal professionals but also empowering them to thrive in their roles. As an Associate, you’ll have access to a comprehensive support system and development opportunities that will propel your career forward.

Career Directions Programme

The Career Directions Programme (CDP) is aimed at Junior female Associates. It helps them to explore their future career at Dentons, and to navigate and proactively manage their development for career success. The CDP is designed to support Associates by creating a space for shaping career goals, increasing self-awareness, including identifying their strengths and how to play to them to further career success.

This programme is delivered by an expert facilitator using coaching, and includes topics such as:

  • Understanding self;
  • Examining the landscape for women’s careers;
  • Exploring meaning and purpose in work;
  • Leveraging networks.

Post-programme, participants are also offered internal coaching, and follow-up sessions designed to foster a sense of community and an opportunity. Become ONE OF US, and let’s navigate your journey to success together.