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  • Do I need a certain degree to apply? addremove

    We accept all degree disciplines for our London and Milton Keynes opportunities. For Scotland you need to be studying a Scots Law Degree (LLB) or the Accelerated LLB.

    We do not hire from a certain list or type of university, and encourage applications no matter where you are studying.

  • Do you require minimum A Level grades? addremove

    We generally look for a strong performance at A-Level (or equivalent), but consider every application we receive in context and holistically. If you feel you can submit a strong application even if you do not meet these grades we encourage you to apply.

    We also encourage you to include mitigating circumstances if relevant.

  • Can I still apply if I have a 2:2 or my A Levels fall below the minimum requirement? addremove

    Yes, we review every form we receive and view your achievements in context and holistically.

    If you feel you can submit a strong application we encourage you to apply.

  • Do you look at applications on a rolling basis? addremove

    Yes, we do, and we would recommend and encourage you to apply as soon as you feel ready. However we do review every application we receive up to the deadline.

  • Where should I study my PGDL/SQE? addremove

    We ask our future trainees to attend BPP  for the PGDL and SQE. BPP has a wide choice of geographical locations and you are free to apply to any of these centres.

    If you complete the PGDL or SQE before receiving an offer from us, this can be completed with any legal training provider.

    For the Diploma we can support you studying at any university.


  • Where should I study my Diploma? addremove

    Our future trainees can choose to study their Diploma at their preferred choice of institution across Scotland.

  • Do you pay fees and grants for law school? addremove

    If you accept our offer of a training contract prior to starting your PGDL, SQE or Diploma, we will pay the full fees for your future studies with BPP or institution where you are studying for the Diploma. Unfortunately, we are unable to reimburse fees for those who have already completed the PGDL, LPC, SQE or Diploma.

    For those who have accepted our offer of a training contract we also offer a maintenance grant:

    • Scotland Diploma: £8,000
    • PGDL: £10,000
    • SQE: £15,000
  • Are there opportunities to do a seat in your global offices or with a client? addremove

    We offer several client secondments in each seat. Client secondments are invaluable for learning about how our clients operate and a great chance to experience at first hand a practical business context. We also offer international secondments.

  • How many trainees do you take on? addremove

    We normally take up to 16 trainees for London, up to 3 for Milton Keynes,  and up to 10 for our Scotland offices.

  • Do you offer vacation schemes or work experience in your global offices? addremove

    Please visit the relevant careers web page for the office that you are interested in to find out more about opportunities in our global offices.

  • Do you accept applications from candidates who are not eligible to work in the UK and who require sponsorship? addremove

    For our training contract opportunities we will accept applications from candidates requiring a work permit and support them through the visa application process.

    Due to the nature of the vacation scheme, we are unable to accept applications from candidates who do not have the right to work in the UK.