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Our people are all different, but they’re all challengers in their own right and they have their own story to tell.

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Amia Tahir

Jemilia joined Dentons as a Solicitor Apprentice in September 202o.

Why did you decide to join Dentons?

The global presence of the firm attracted me to Dentons. I was astonished by the amount of different locations across the world. I was excited at the thought that I would be able to collaborate with lawyers from many different countries and experience working with global clients.

What drew you to a Solicitor Apprenticeship?

I have always thrived learning in an active environment. I learn best from observing others and testing my knowledge through physical tasks. Therefore, the apprenticeship allowed me to learn in an environment that suited me the best. I knew the apprenticeship would be a challenge and that was a challenge I wanted to take on. The opportunity to learn from experienced professionals was a key part which drew me to the apprenticeship. The skills and knowledge I have learnt from working does not compare to what I would have learnt just doing a degree.

What has been a Dentons highlight so far?

Last year I was flown out to Scotland to attend the Real Estate away day. Our agenda consisted of a UK Real Estate team meeting, team building activities and a black tie dinner and dance in the evening. I felt extremely fortunate to be in a room with so many successful lawyers and I was able to connect with many new people. We reflected on our achievements of the past year and celebrated all the success. I felt proud of my personal achievements and I reflected on all my contributions towards these matters. I felt part of the team and I couldn’t have been more grateful for the opportunities. I really enjoyed making new connections and building relationships with my colleagues.

What challenges have you had to overcome in your career journey so far?

Entering the legal world at the age of 18 was extremely daunting. I had started to doubt whether I was good enough for the role. Starting in Covid also added to these insecurities. I found it really hard connecting with people in that first week. I had to meet everyone through my laptop and try build connections with sending emails and team calls. However, very quickly I became used to it. I started to reflect on the work I was completing and I became very proud of what I had achieved. I made sure I had regular check-ins with my supervisor and got involved in all social opportunities possible.

What's your advice for someone applying to Dentons?

Be yourself! Consider what makes you different from others and be confident you are good enough to be an apprentice. Being able to show your personality is vital.