Now to Next BME Scholarship

The Now to Next Scholarship is a national student scholarship scheme for students of Black, African or Caribbean heritage (including applicants of mixed-race with Black African or Black Caribbean heritage). Each year, up to two students across the UK will be provided with a scholarship of £2,500 per annum during their three year UK undergraduate law degree. As well as the financial award, the students will also received additional support with a guaranteed place on virtual insight events and mentoring.

What are we looking for?

Our application process allows you to show us who you really are, beyond grades and experience. We welcome people who are driven to challenge. We’ll be looking for collaboration, drive and problem solving throughout the process. The Now to Next Scholarship is aimed at students from backgrounds that are under-represented in law. We are striving to reach as diverse pool of candidates as possible from Black, African or Caribbean heritage (including applicants of mixed-race with Black African or Black Caribbean heritage) who are looking to complete a law degree.

Applications are welcome from students of Black, African or Caribbean heritage (including applicants of mixed-race with Black African or Black Caribbean heritage) who:

  • Attend, and have attended from aged 11, a state-funded non-fee paying school / college or a independent  / fee paying school through a bursary scheme in the UK.
  • Intend to complete a full-time undergraduate law degree in the UK, but have not commenced one yet.
  • Strong academic record and references received from schools.
Application process

Applications are now closed for 2022, and will open again in January 2023 for the next intake.

Online application form > Video Assessment > Final Interview 

Apply now


  • Online application form add

    This is your chance to tell us more about you. We will also ask you some long answer questions, to find out about your motivations, drive and attributes that you could bring.


    • Pay attention to the word count: it is there for a reason. If we give you 250 words, that’s how many words we believe you need to give us a detailed enough answer.
    • Attention to Detail: ask someone to proof read your application. When you’ve spent so much time on it, it can be easy to miss mistakes.
    • Research: Do your Dentons research, and be specific. We want to hear what you think makes Dentons unique, and why that is something you are interested in.
    • Stand Out: You’ve covered what makes Dentons unique, but we also want to know about you. What makes you different?
  • Video Interview add

    The video interview will see you answer some short questions regarding your motivation for the scheme. This interview will be looking at your past experiences and the skills you have developed through them, along with your key drivers and strengths. We will also look at why you’ve chosen to apply to a commercial law firm, and to Dentons specifically.

    Practice interview


    • Use the preparation time: try to think of the best example for each question, rather than rushing in with the first one that comes to mind.
    • Be specific about your input: We want to hear what your personal contributions and actions have been, so avoid saying ‘we’ and say ‘I’ instead.
    • Use a range of examples: Successful candidates pull complex examples from a range of experiences.
    • Research: spend some time before the interview researching the firm and the apprenticeship. If you have been to one of our open days or had some interaction with Dentons, then please mention it!
  • Assessment Event add

    The final stage of the application process is an in person (to be reviewed close to the time) interview in our offices. This is a chance to further talk about your motivations