Applications take time and effort. But we make it fair. Show us who you are and unleash your personality. If you think you could be a successful Dentons lawyer, we want to hear all about it.

Application tips

Be sure to check application deadlines – this will help you to plan your application and make the most of the opportunity. We recruit on a rolling basis, so get your application in as soon as you can to maximise your chance.

Our next available apprentice intake will be for September 2024 in London only. Applications are now open and will close on 15 January 2024.

Application Process

We’ll be looking out for applicants who demonstrate a global outlook, drive and ambition, commercial awareness, collaboration, innovation, and enthusiasm.

Let’s get into the details of the process.

  • 1. Application Form addremove

    Your route into Dentons starts with an online application form. But, you’re much more than that. This is a chance for you to tell us about your education, work experience and extra-curricular activities. It’s the time to impress us. We will also ask you some long answer questions, to find out about your motivations, drive and attributes that you could bring.


    • Pay attention to the word count: it is there for a reason. If we give you 250 words, that’s how many words we believe you need to give us a detailed enough answer.
    • Attention to Detail: ask someone to proof read your application. When you’ve spent so much time on it, it can be easy to miss mistakes.
    • Research: Do your Dentons research, and be specific. We want to hear what you think makes Dentons unique, and why that is something you are interested in.
    • Stand Out: You’ve covered what makes Dentons unique, but we also want to know about you. What makes you different?
  • 2. Online Legal High Potential Assessment addremove

    If you meet our initial criteria in the application form, next up is our Legal High Potential Assessment.

    To ensure we get a well-rounded view of all our applicants, our Legal High Potential Assessment consists of scenario-based, numerical and verbal questions, and a short video interview.

    To take us from largest to leading, we’re looking for our trainees to think big and see the future of law in a new way. The assessment has been designed to look for trainees who are excited to embrace the future of law and apply their intellect and creativity to a variety of work-related situations. The questions will not require any prior knowledge or experience.

    Whilst the assessment is untimed, it typically takes approximately 45 minutes to complete.


    • Practice! A practice test, which will be a condensed version of the main assessment, will be provided to ensure you can familiarise yourself with the assessment and let us know if any adjustments are needed.
    • Keep an eye on the deadline. You will normally have a few days to complete the test. Mark this in your diary and plan this time in.
    • Find a quiet space with good internet connection where you won’t be interrupted.
    • Have a calculator, pen and paper to hand before you begin.
    • Complete the assessment in one sitting.
  • 3. Video Interview addremove

    The video interview will see you answer some short questions regarding your motivation for the scheme. This interview will be looking at your past experiences and the skills you have developed through them, along with your key drivers and strengths. We will also look at why you’ve chosen to apply to a commercial law firm, and to Dentons specifically.

    Follow this link to conduct a practice interview


      • Use the preparation time: try to think of the best example for each question, rather than rushing in with the first one that comes to mind.
      • Be specific about your input: We want to hear what your personal contributions and actions have been, so avoid saying ‘we’ and say ‘I’ instead.
      • Use a range of examples: Successful candidates pull complex examples from a range of experiences.
      • Research: spend some time before the interview researching the firm and the apprenticeship. If you have been to one of our open days or had some interaction with Dentons, then please mention it!

    Below we have further video interview resources to help you prepare…

    Interview Preparation and Advice

    Interview Practice Questions


  • 4. Insight Day addremove

    The insight day is the day before the assessment centre. We invite all of our final candidates to both. This is to give you some more insight into the firm and the recruitment process. You will get the chance to ask your final questions, get to know the office and the other candidates. This is designed to make you as prepared and ready as possible to give your best at the assessment centre.

  • 5. Assessment Centre addremove

    The final stage of the application process is an assessment centre. They comprise a commercial discussion and a final interview.

    Commercial discussion

    • Think about the purpose of the exercise – what could your assessors be looking for that might relate to skills as a commercial solicitor?
    • Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification or to have something re-worded
    • Remember that the assessors want you to succeed, so try your best to not let nerves get in your way.
    • Remain organised and remember that we are not looking for you to have any specific knowledge – it is not your legal technical knowledge that the assessors are testing, rather the way that you think commercially

    Final interview:

    • Take some time to think about your experiences to date that have led you to apply to this role. Why do you want to be a commercial solicitor? And why an Apprentice?
    • What skills do you have that would be important for a commercial solicitor?
    • Slow down: If you’re not sure about a question, don’t be nervous about asking for clarification or to taking a moment to think about your answer.
    • Read any instructions carefully: don’t rush into tasks without thoroughly reading instructions and asking any questions you have.