Dentons.Next Talent

Introducing Dentons.Next Talent: A talent network for future lawyers!

Who is Dentons.Next Talent for?

If you are a progressive graduate or law student ready to challenge the conventional, then welcome to Dentons.Next Talent! Our talent network is designed for ambitious individuals like you, ready to disrupt the legal scene.

What does Dentons.Next Talent involve?

As part of our community, you’ll gain exclusive access to events at Dentons. You’ll be the first to know about these exciting insight opportunities, giving you a competitive edge in your career journey. You’ll also be alerted when we open recruitment for our training contracts so you won’t miss out when it comes to application season.

By attending these events, you’ll be part of an active network of future lawyers, where you can exchange ideas, share insights, and engage in thought-provoking discussions that push the boundaries of commercial law.

Moreover, Dentons.Next Talent brings you a comprehensive suite of learning resources to fuel your professional advancement. We host regular webinars and workshops led by the Dentons Early Careers team and legal professionals across the firm, offering a unique opportunity to gain industry insights and enhance your legal knowledge.

These interactive sessions are designed to challenge your thinking, stimulate your curiosity, and equip you with the skills needed to be a game-changer in the legal field. From unravelling complex legal principles to mastering the recruitment process, our webinars and workshops are your ticket to a successful legal career.

Our first event will be taking place in Spring 2024, further details to follow.

How do I start?

Embrace this opportunity to connect with fellow Challengers, hone your legal and commercial skills, and start crafting your path in the ever-evolving legal landscape. Let’s shape the future of law, together!

Register to join Dentons.Next Talent here.