Training Contract

The Training Contract

We’re excited to introduce our new Training Contract in Dublin – a programme designed to ignite your legal career while shaping the future of law.

As with all our programs at Dentons, this training contract is not just about imparting legal knowledge, but rather it’s about holistic professional development. From day one, you’ll be given real responsibilities and opportunities to work with clients on a wide range of complex matters.  You’ll be encouraged to think creatively, challenge norms and develop innovative solutions for our diverse clientele.

During the Training Contract you will have the opportunity to rotate across four different practice areas. You will complete a pre-seat with us before starting your full time PPC studies and electives. Following this, you will join us again for the remaining of your seats. This exposure will help you gain a broad understanding of various legal domains while allowing you to identify areas where your passion truly lies.

One of the unique aspects of this program is that learning isn’t limited only to local Irish law – being part of a global firm like Dentons means you’ll also get an understanding of legal practices from different jurisdictions worldwide. To reflect this, our Training Contract includes a guaranteed international secondment in one of our UK or Middle East offices. Other locations will also be subject to availability.

Throughout your journey, support will never be scarce at Dentons Dublin! You will be paired with experienced supervisors who provide guidance throughout rotations ensuring steady growth progression along every step. Our award winning Trainee Development team will also always be available to you, to discuss everything from seat moves and secondments, to trainee social events.

Dentons Dublin office, strategically situated in the heart of Ireland’s vibrant capital city, serves as a key hub for the firm’s legal expertise in the region. With a team of highly skilled lawyers providing comprehensive legal solutions tailored to the unique needs of clients in Ireland and beyond.

Training Contract in Dublin

From 2024 we will take on 4 trainees at our Dublin office rotating between our practice groups, including an optional overseas secondment.