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  • Do I need a certain degree to apply? addremove

    We accept all degree disciplines for Dublin opportunities. In order to be eligible for our 2024 Training Contract, you will need to have completed your FE1 exams by Spring 2024.

  • Do you have a minimum requirement in terms of Irish Leaving Certificate points? addremove

    We generally look for at least 450 points from your Irish Leaving Certificate or equivalent. If you feel you can submit a strong application even if you do not meet these grades we encourage you to apply.

    We also encourage you to include mitigating circumstances if relevant.

  • Can I still apply if I have a 2:2 or my Irish Leaving Certificate points fall below the minimum requirement? addremove

    Yes, we review every form we receive and view your achievements in context and holistically.

    If you feel you can submit a strong application we encourage you to apply.

  • Do you look at applications on a rolling basis? addremove

    Yes, we do, and we would recommend and encourage you to apply as soon as you feel ready. However we do review every application we receive up to the deadline.

  • What course providers should I use to prepare for the FE1? addremove

    You can find a list of FE1 course providers on the Law Society of Ireland website.

    Courses are not mandatory but recommended. You can take courses for each subject.

  • What are the requirements to complete the Professional Practice Course (PPC)? addremove

    These are set by the Law Society of Ireland.

    Applicants for the PPC must have:

    – Passed or gained exemption from the Preliminary Examination (non-graduates)
    – Passed the FE-1 Entrance Examinations
    – Found an eligible (practising) solicitor to act as a training solicitor

  • Will Dentons support me with my application for the PPC? addremove

    Yes, Dentons will support you with your PPC application.

  • Does Dentons cover the cost of the PPC? addremove

    Yes, we cover all fees for the PPC.

  • What happens if I fail my PPC exams? addremove

    Our expectation is that our trainees will pass all relevant exams at the first sitting. However, we know that there can be a multitude of reasons as to why someone may fail their exams so we will review and discuss this on a case-by-case basis.

  • Do you offer vacation schemes or internships in Dublin? addremove

    At this time we do not offer vacation schemes or internships in Dublin.

  • Do you accept applications from candidates who are not eligible to work in Ireland and who require sponsorship? addremove

    Yes, we will accept applications from candidates requiring a work permit and support them through the visa application process.

  • What will the in-office training consist of? addremove

    Your in-office training will start in May in the form of a pre-seat with us.

    Following this, your in-office period will resume 14 days after the last exam on the core curriculum of the new PPC. This will consist of four seats, giving you an opportunity to experience at least three distinct areas of law (including contentious and non-contentious work).

  • Are there any opportunities for international secondments? addremove

    You will have the option of an international secondment (likely to be in the UK or Middle East). Other locations will be subject to availability.

  • How will the seat rotations work? addremove

    You will complete four different seats during your traineeship. One of these seats will be a pre-seat before commencing your PPC training.

    You will be able to let us know your seat preferences before each move, including your pre-seat, and we will do our best to meet your request, in line with Law Society of Ireland guidelines and our business needs.

  • What kind of support will I get from Dentons? addremove

    Support isn’t something you’ll receive sporadically throughout your Training Contract at Dentons.

    You’ll have a dedicated supervisor for each seat, who’ll be a constant point of guidance, helping you define your career.

    Our trainees are also active members of our diversity networks, social committee and pro bono teams.

    Finally, our award-winning Early Careers team will also always be available to you, to discuss everything from seat moves and secondments, to trainee social events.

  • What is trainee retention like at Dentons? addremove

    We run a fair and transparent Newly Qualified selection process. Our Early Careers team work with the business to identify which roles are available and circulate a list.

  • Am I able to apply for a Newly Qualified role in another Dentons office? addremove

    The expectation is that Dublin trainees will qualify in Ireland.