Application Tips

A typical trainee at Dentons doesn’t exist. We don’t want it to. Our application process allows you to show us you in all your glory.  We’ll be looking for global outlook, commercial awareness, enthusiasm, collaboration, drive, innovation and problem solving throughout the process.

  • Application Form add

    Your route into Dentons starts with an online form. But, you’re much more than that. This is a chance for you to tell us about your education, work experience and extra-curricular activities. It’s the time to impress us. We will also ask you some long answer questions, to find out about your motivations, drive and attributes that you could bring.


    • Pay attention to the word count: it is there for a reason. If we give you 300 words, that’s how many words we believe you need to give us a detailed answer.
    • Attention to detail: ask someone to proof read your application. When you’ve spent so much time on something, it can be easy to miss mistakes.
    • Research: Do your research on Dentons, and be specific. We want to hear what you think makes Dentons unique, and why it’s where you want to be.
    • Stand out: You’ve covered what makes Dentons unique, but we also want to know about you. What makes you different from the crowd?
  • Critical Thinking Test add

    If you meet our initial criteria in the application form, next up is the Watson Glaser Critical Thinking Test.

    We’ll be testing your ability to structure a sound, solid argument, to analyse and synthesise available information and to make assumptions and inferences. All skills that successful lawyers need to possess.


    • Practice! This is our key piece of advice for the test, complete some practice tests so you are comfortable with the type of questions and test format. You can access our free test practice below.
    • Keep an eye on your deadline: You will normally have a few days to complete the test. Mark this in your diary and plan some time in to complete the test.
    • Find a quiet space with good internet connection where you won’t be interrupted.

    Please click here for practice tests: Click here

  • Behavioural Interview add

    Your chance to impress our Graduate Recruitment team. The interview will look at your past experiences and the skills you have developed, along with your key drivers and strengths. It’s time to answer the ‘why commercial law?’ and ‘why Dentons?’ questions. Over to you, with a bit of help from us.


    • Take your time in the interview: try to think of the best example for each question, rather than rushing in with the first one that comes to mind. Interviewers will not mind if you ask for a moment.
    • Be specific about your input: We want to hear what your personal contributions and actions have been, so avoid saying ‘we’ and say ‘I’ instead.
    • Use a range of examples: Successful candidates pull complex examples from a range of experiences.
    • Research: spend some time before the interview diving into our practice areas and strategy. Successful candidates can discuss recent deals and news stories, and show enthusiasm for the firm and the role of a commercial solicitor.
  • Assessment Centre add

    The final stage of our Training Contract application process is an assessment centre. Our assessment centres are made up of two exercises, a Written Exercise & Role Play, and a Case Study & Final Interview.


    • Read any instructions carefully: don’t rush into tasks without thoroughly reading instructions and asking any questions you have.
    • Plan your time: If you have an hour to complete a task, make a plan for how you want to use the time, for example, leaving 5 minutes at the end for proof reading.
    • Slow down: If you’re not sure about a question, don’t be nervous about asking for clarification, or taking a moment to think about your answer.
    • Think about your audience.